About Us

The history of AdActa Consulting

We are

A company of professionals specialized in individual and team coaching, in behavioral training and managerial development.

A training company that offers strategic solutions for business and individual professional development.

We create

Tailor-made and conventional training programs on all topics concerning the development of Soft Skills and the main managerial skills.

Individual, team or group coaching programs to guide executives, managers and young talents in their professional growth paths.

We believe

That training programs can improve the professional life of the people and organizations to which they belong.

That an informal and dynamic approach leads to rapid and effective results.

That the training experience should be engaging and concrete.

Our certifications

AdActa Consulting is ISO 9001 certified: 2015, therefore, it guarantees quality processes, and services according to the regulations and can be used as a funded training provider.

Read more about our certifications

Our teachers are certified for the use of traditional and innovative training methods and tools. In particular:
  • Coaches accredited by AICP – for individual and team business coaching programs
  • ICF certified professional coach – for individual and team business coaching
  • Certified professional counselors
  • LEGO® Serious Play® Method facilitators – to apply the facilitation methodology based on the use of LEGO bricks as metaphorical support to the expression, comparison and acceleration of decision-making processes.
  • PDA Analyst Certifications – for Assessment and Development through the PDA method, a tool that allows describing and analyzing the behavioral profile of people and identifying their talents, their main abilities, their motivations, strengths, and development areas.
  • Certifications SEI Assessment – for the use of the SEI Assessment Test as a model for measuring and developing the skills of emotional intelligence (emotional quotient) that can be used in coaching settings, team coaching, personal development, training.
  • MBTI Certifications – Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Step 1 and 2 – for the use of the test as an indicator of personality in development paths, coaching, team building

The AdActa Consulting team

Claudio Vernata
– Leadership
– Assertive communication
– Negotiation dynamics
– Problem Solving & Decision Making
– Time management
Who I Am
Leonardo Paoletti
– Certified counselor
– Resource management
– Motivational recovery
– Change management
– Administration of low performers
Who I Am
Marco Odescalchi
Consulente Senior
– Graduated Coach
– Interpersonal communication
– Basic and Advanced Public Speaking
– Consultative sale
– Training for trainers
Who I Am
Monica Miragoli
Consulente Senior
– Team Work
– Group dynamics
– Change Management
– Internal communication
– Resources management
Who I Am
Maurizio Matrone
Consulente Senior
– ICF certified coach
– Company storytelling
– Creativity
– Innovation
– Communication
Who I Am
Roberta Maselli
Consulente Senior
– ICF certified coach
– Emotional intelligence
– MBTI type theory
– NVC – Non-Violent Communication
– Ontology of language
Who I Am
Maurizio Del Fante
Consulente Senior
– AICP accredited coach
– Consultative sale
– Resource management
– Assertive communication
– Leadership
Who I Am
Rita Cannata
Consulente Senior
– ICF certified coach
– Lego Serious Play
– Thomas International diagnostic test
– Personnel selection
– Resource management
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Veronica Petitt
Office and Quality Manager
– AICP accredited coach
– Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015
– Formative and educational processes
– Socio-psycho-pedagogical dynamics
– Stalking
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Erica Pantani
Consultant | Marketing & Communication Manger
– Certified coach
– Social media marketing
– Web marketing
– External Communication
Who I Am
Maria Teresa Rosciano
Administrative Manager
– Auditing and internal control
– Administration
– Management control
Who I Am
Adacta Consulting logo

Born in Florence, after ten years of business experience in the HR area (Airport of Florence, Menarini, Gilbarco), in 2001 he decided to change his professional life and follow his passion becoming a management and change management trainer for Sviluppo Quadri Consulting Company.

In 2014 with Claudio Vernata he founded AdActa Consulting, a dynamic consulting and training company, in which he tries daily to enhance the experience of fifteen years of training and at the same time faces new business challenges.

Having managed training programs and development projects for years for customer companies of all sizes and all sectors, he is deeply convinced that the secrets to do this job effectively are passion, commitment but above all… having fun! When he doesn’t enjoy working, he loves motorbikes, climbing mountains and volunteering.

People have always been at the center of his interests, from sociology studies to the choice of working in the HR department in the company.

Subsequently, he decided to devote himself to consulting and business training, driven by the intimate conviction that we can all have the opportunity to exercise our potential at work for a better quality of life. From here to the certification of a professional coach, the step is short. He loves his work and feels blessed to learn something new every day, for himself and others.

She has always been involved in behavioral and managerial training, and was the Head of Education for some historical training companies in Milan.
He has worked in the social field dealing with issues related to communication and training of work teams, from the San Vittore prison in Milan to professionals dedicated to helping people in need: social workers, professional educators, Asa, OSS.

She also took care of educational and training courses to increase communication skills and effective relationships between parents and children.

He has a lot of fun telling made-up and real stories. It is no coincidence that he is a writer and trainer. He can't just stand still and tries to drag others to create possible worlds to imagine and tell with mutual pleasure.

He was a policeman, published detective novels, wrote television scripts and organized literary festivals. For years he has been creating narrative and training paths on the various aspects of corporate storytelling.

Born in Milan and adopted in Valtellina, after graduating in public relations at IULM, she began her professional career in HR in the steel sector, then moved on to telecommunications where she dealt with CRM and training for over twenty years.

She took part in the startups of Omnitel Pronto Italia and H3G, companies in which she held both staff positions as head of training and CRM, and operational roles as director of internal and outsourced call centers. She strongly believes in the ability of people to grow and for this, she is passionate about coaching, a tool she successfully uses in managerial development programs.

He had different aspirations in his life. From a very young age, he aspired to be a footballer and then a journalist: great passion but modest talent, so he stayed at interregional levels (as a footballer) and at some local newspapers (as a reporter).

As a consultant and as a trainer, on the other hand, talent and passion have worked a little better: after a short business experience, he founded a consulting company, conducted and continues to carry out training and consultancy activities for the most important Italian and international companies, is a lecturer at the University of Castellanza (LIUC) in several business Masters.

His last passion is coaching: after some accreditation training, he participated in the foundation of AICP (Italian Association of Professional Coaches) where he held the position of Vice President for several years and is currently a member of the Ethics Commission. He conducted more than one hundred coaching programs in the Business and Corporate area.

Be a sailor and you will travel the world!! Translated into my working environment, this means that, in my professional experience, I had the opportunity to work in national and international contexts, dealing with training and evaluation in very different companies.

What a richness in meeting people! And how much I learned! In return, I hope I didn't give just recipes, but concrete elements for reflection to face the challenges of complex contexts in constant change. I collaborate with AdActa Consulting where I breathe an air of professionalism, respect, consistency, passion and where I feel... good.

After graduating in Education, she moved into Training Development and Business Management, where she embarked on a valuable and interesting path of professional, but also personal, growth.

During this experience, she obtained a certification as a professional coach (currently a member of AICP, Italian Association of Professional Coaches), a degree in Psychology. In addition to these achievements two fabulous children, Silvia and Francesco, arrived. Today in AdActa Consulting continues her work with commitment and passion alongside her colleagues.

From Tuscany, in Milan since 2012, first to finish her university studies then to start her professional career.
Graduated in Business Communication with a specialization in Cognitive Sciences and Decision Processes, she works in the sector that most appeals to her: human resources. During these years she graduated as a professional coach and specialized in web marketing.
In AdActa Consulting she deals with consulting activities, managing training, and development projects for important clients and is responsible for the company's external marketing and communication activities.

After graduating in business administration, she developed professional skills in the administrative, management and relational fields, working for companies of different sectors and specialized consulting companies.

Coordinates the accounting and administrative part of AdActa Consulting, taking care of back-office contacts with all our customers. She organizes courses and conducts classroom training on the issues of her competence.