Assessment is a structured methodology for assessing actual or potential skills.

Assessment is accomplished through direct observation, by qualified professionals, of group or individual tests designed ad hoc to bring out those particular skills.

Assessment in the company is a valuable investigation tool, an ideal instrument for performance evaluation and to understand the real growth and development potential of managers and professionals.

It is also possible to carry out online assessments, thanks to DIAS, a Digital Assessment system that combines diagnostic tests and direct observation, developed by AdActa Consulting together with MYCO, a company leader in testing for HR and Talent Management.

The assessments we design and carry out in the company can have different objectives

As an example:

  • evaluate the potential capacities of those in the company who are destined for a higher-level position or in any case different from the current one;
  • analyze the skills present in a predefined company population in order to plan a resource development strategy;
  • measure the level of soft skills already possessed by the members of a management group before starting a specific training course in the company;
  • provide support for group selection processes, to skim the number of candidates for selections dedicated to professionals, or to individual selection processes for selections dedicated to managerial figures.

The aspects of our approach for in-company assessments

  • Administration of individual assessments (managerial assessment) or group assessment (assessment center), based on the specific needs of client companies and on the characteristics of the participants to be involved.
  • “Analytical” vision of the methodology, aimed at both judgment and development.
  • Strong involvement of company clients in the assessment planning phase.
  • Careful identification of the dimensions and capabilities to be observed and subsequent design of group or individual tests, tests and the most suitable exercises.
  • Timeliness in the creation of profiles and in the feedback process to the participants.

Individual assessment

The individual assessment is normally aimed at managerial level resources and allows to:

  • have a complete and objective picture of the individual abilities and managerial style of the resource concerned;
  • investigate individual attitudes and strengths for any new positions or positions to be filled in the company;
  • implement a Gap Analysis with respect to the key competencies required by the role (for the purposes of possible training or Executive Coaching interventions);
  • identify the resources most in line with higher-level roles.

Assessment Center

The assessment center (for groups of 8/10 participants) helps the development and growth of the company and allows to:

  • evaluate in an objective manner the individual abilities and strengths of the participants through a collective dynamic;
  • investigate the future potential of each resource with a reliable tool;
  • have a precise mapping of the competencies present in a given professional family;
  • identify the resources most in line with higher-level roles;
  • building on a solid basis to plan training actions aimed at filling the gaps identified.
assessment online corso

Online Assessment

For those who want to carry out assessments by completely digitizing the process and reducing time and costs (without any loss as effectiveness is concerned), we have developed DIAS.

DIAS is a Digital Assessment system able to manage online diagnostic tests and direct observation phases by a group of assessors, combining results in order to automatically create individual profiles capturing the skills under investigation and the potential of every person involved.

Using DIAS, you will be able to cross-reference data in the most useful way, also comparing and ranking the individual results of the people involved.

Individual feedback sessions for participants and training gap analysis, aimed at defining training and development plans, can be also included in the process.

If you want to know more, you can request the DIAS presentation by clicking here.

Skills evaluated in an assessment

As an example, we list below some of the individual skills evaluated during assessment in the company:


  • Strategic Management: overview, approach to problems;
  • Operational Management: organization, planning, and control, time management;
  • Decision-making skills:  analysis, judgment, result orientation;
  • Relational skills: communication, dialectic ability, influence on others, negotiation skills;
  • Personal skills:flexibility, adaptability, dynamism, energy, emotional stability, resistance to stress.
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The preliminary design phase of the assessment in the company

In our methodology, the preliminary design of the assessment plays a fundamental role.

It includes the following activities:

  • identification, in agreement with the client company, of the skills to be evaluated and their precise description;
  • development of the reference grid (ie. the ideal level to be possessed for each capacity) on which to parameterize and compare individual results;
  • identification/planning/development of the assessment tests (group tests or individual tests) best suited to highlight the skills being assessed;
  • construction of the assessment day by appropriately mixing the tests/activities/tests identified as most suitable;
  • possible phase (1/2 day) of “Train the observer” (in the case of assessment centers with the presence of company observers);
  • preliminary definition of the type of output (forms, return methods to the assessed, possible reporting with collective results and / or statistical averages).

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