Blended Training

Blended Training

With the support of our partner companies, we design blended training programs linked to the world of soft skills.

During blended training, distance learning phases alternate with moments of the collective presence or individual confrontation with our teachers. Moments in the presence of limited duration can be replaced by webinars, videoconferences, virtual rooms.

The programs are customized based on the specific needs of the client company. We take into consideration the organizational constraints but also the subjects covered by the training. We can deal with a vast area of behavioral, managerial and methodological training in a blended method.

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As an example:

  • Effective communication programs;
  • Emotional intelligence programs;
  • Training for conflict management;
  • Negotiation programs;
  • People management training programs;
  • Time management programs;
  • Problem-solving and decision making training programs;
  • Training programs for trainers.

Our approach to blended training is to dedicate a lot of attention and care to the design of the e-learning section. Since we believe that the quality of the product produced is fundamental to obtain a real educational effect on people. Not only as instrument usability but even more as the impact and significance of the given contents.

We create and integrate video lessons, infographics, tests, educational films, interactive games that allow participants to learn in an engaging, never boring or obvious way, all the theoretical skills required by the training program. This part in e-learning, depending on the type of course and the objectives of the client company, can vary from 2 to 8 hours of distance learning.

In addition to this, the part in presence, fundamental in blended training, to test the soft skills acquired and train them completely with the support of our teachers. Normally every two or three sessions at a distance we program a class in presence.

Everything is designed and planned with the customer company before the start of each program.

We are very careful about educational continuity, which we believe to be fundamental for the effectiveness of blended training. The teachers who collaborate in the design phase of the e-learning part are the same ones that manage the classrooms in presence.

At the end of each blended training program, we carry out self-diagnosis tests on skills and individual surveys. These tests and surveys are used by the participants to define their development action plans even after the completion of the course.

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