Our AICP-recognized business coaches or ICF certified coaches guide executives, managers and young talents in individual and team personal and professional growth paths.

Individual and collective coaching paths for the growth of individuals and teams.

Our AICP certified business coaches or ICF certified coaches accompany executives, managers and young talents in individual and team personal and professional growth paths.

We also plan training interventions using both classroom methodologies and individual coaching sessions in an integrated way. These paths are particularly suitable for the development of potential resources.

Our coaching methods include courses ranging from 5 to 10 sessions, each lasting about 2 hours at fortnightly intervals.

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One to One Coaching

Why a coaching program?

  • To identify action strategies to achieve your goals;
  • To improve relationships with leaders, colleagues, collaborators or customers;
  • To achieve a fulfilling and rewarding working future;
  • To cope with the difficulties associated with role changes.

Our consultants are certified at the best coaching schools and operate with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our method: the four ‘R’ of coaching

  • Empowerment: active commitment of the coachee with the support of the coach;
  • Joint report: absence of judgments, prescriptions, and impositions;
  • Receptiveness: the listening is total; the coachee is open to receive feedback;
  • Regeneration: the coach does not become a “dependent coach”, on the contrary, it strengthens its potential to derive benefits also in the future.

Team Coaching

What is it?

  • It is a work method dedicated to professional or managerial teams;
  • It is based on the same principles of individual coaching and Action Learning methodologies;
  • It focuses on the role of the coach as a facilitator and coach not of an individual but a team;
  • The goals that the team must achieve are real and concrete: solutions to business problems, development of new projects or improvement of internal processes;
  • The coach sets the method, the team gives the ideas. Together they create the solution.
team coaching
coaching in azienda

Group Coaching

What is it?

Group coaching is a powerful development tool that uses the principles and tools of individual coaching within a group context.

The coach promotes the creation of a constructive and trusting environment within which, each participant, identifies his individual goals and defines his action plans with the contribution of the group.

Group coaching allows you to take advantage of both the benefits of a one-to-one coaching session and those of group learning, as it develops in the participant’s specific skills such as active listening, learning to give and ask for feedback, asking powerful questions and develop action plans.

Participants share experiences and learn from each other, exchanging points of view and feedback in a safe and non-judgmental context.

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