Financed Training

Financed Training

Thanks to partnerships consolidated for years with professionals, we help you develop free training courses for employees and managers of your company.

What if the training was free?

Free training for your company’s employees and managers is possible!

How? Choosing funding opportunities more in line with your specific needs. There are several opportunities to finance the training for you and your company: the important thing is to know how to choose the right one.

At AdActa Consulting, we have a long-standing partnership with industry professionals. Together with them, we will help you carry out your courses through funded training. Our partners get to get and manage the financing, we take care of the training programs!

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Have you ever heard about Interprofessional Funds?

Interprofessional funds are set up by companies and can be used to partially or entirely finance a training course. Interprofessional funds are managed by authorized organizations, of associative nature, and are formed by trade unions and employers’ associations.

All companies can register for the funds free of charge and voluntarily. The legislation governing the sector of funded training establishes that every company can allocate a quota corresponding to 0.30 of the contributions, which must necessarily be paid to INPS, from the salary of each employee.

This quota can be accumulated in one of the Joint Interprofessional Funds. The Interprofessional Funds are different. Each company can enroll in a Fund only, with free registration which is revocable at any time which lasts for a year and is tacitly renewed.

Remember that the fee paid to the Interprofessional Funds has a deadline. If not used in funded activities, after a certain period, the amount accumulated by your company will no longer be available.

How to take advantage of the financed training in your company

There is more than one way for companies to be able to finance training programs for their employees or managers. Training courses can be funded through the Company’s Formation Account or participation in Notices and Tenders.

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Training Account

The company can draw from its training account, fed thanks to payments made to the Interprofessional Fund (0.3 of the contributions paid for each employee) to finance corporate or individual training programs. This way of training for your company can be funded at any time of the year.

This financing method is more suitable for medium and large companies which, thanks to a large number of employees, manage to set aside significant figures.

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Notices and Announcements

Through the Notices and Announcements that are periodically published by the various Interprofessional Funds, you can finance company or inter-company training projects. The Funds provide non-repayable resources that can be assigned to companies that submit a project, following a qualitative, quantitative and economic evaluation of the same.

This possibility is perfect for SMEs that do not have large amounts available in their Training Account.

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How can we help you take advantage of funded training courses?

We can offer you consultation through our partner concerning:

  • Identification and selection of the fund best suited to your needs;
  • Presentation of the funded training application;
  • Start-up and management of the funded project;
  • Reporting and closure of the funded project.

In addition to our consultancy for the creation of the best ad hoc training program for your reality.

This type of consultancy can be included within the expenses foreseen by the financed project and therefore will not be your responsibility!

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