Change Management

Continuous change has become a phenomenon so present in our personal and organizational life. It is natural to wonder if it is still necessary to provide specific programs on change management: we believe so.

Companies must elevate their leadership, drag employees into decision-making processes and move much faster if they want to integrate the best Change Management strategies.

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Why is it important to attend a training program on change management?

Change has become a habit and as such has generated spontaneous and very little conscious types of personal and organizational responses. Gaining awareness and method in managing change is still a strong added value for those structures that have to change constantly.

Our experience has taught us that even in the most addicted contexts to change, when we carry out a specific training on the subject of understanding the phenomenon and on the methods to manage it, the motivation of managers who have to introduce it and of collaborators who suffer it exponentially increases.

Awareness of the phenomenon helps to reduce resistance and increases the speed of assimilation of change and the achievement of the new stage of performance of the organization.

What are the main laws governing social and organizational change?

Knowledge of the subject of change management is fundamental to understand the effect of changes on us, on our collaborators and the entire organization.

How to guide change management and support it?

The change management processes to be successful must be governed by clearly identified and recognized internal reference figures and be activated by internal agents, typically vertices and first managerial levels and, by appropriately involved intermediaries. The consulting role is one of facilitation and support.

What methods work and what initiatives, according to social sciences and experience, do not give the desired results?

We need to understand the evolutionary processes of an organizational change and its normal phases to acquire the right tools to manage it.

Anyone who works in a business reality faces daily with an organizational system that by definition is changeable. Because the business model changes, either because customer needs change, or because work processes change, or simply because a new boss arrives. In the context of Change Management, we, therefore, built some specific programs for professional fields and/or categories of actors

Rules and methods of change
metodi del cambiamento

A two-day basic training program on the main rules and tools to be used during a change management process. A development path that helps the organization to share and apply fundamental rules and methods.

Manage the process of change
gestire il cambiamento

A two-day program designed for those who manage resources or for those who must lead a path of change within an organization: tools and methods to make the difficult job of those who have to introduce and “push” change, less hard and more aware. How to thinks it, how to communicate it and how to implement it, but above all how to overcome the natural resistance to change.

Change Management for HR
change management hr

Often the HR function is called to manage the role of facilitators of change and at the same time. Those who worked in HR have, for years, been pushed to be the guard over the status quo and the rules. Designed for those who find themselves supporting change without a strong hierarchical power but only with the functional relationship. This two-day change management program addresses the impact and response to change first of all on us and then broadens the point of techniques and methods to become the facilitators of change in the organization. The program is designed to be highly customized on the needs and the situation of change management that must be managed by the HR function.

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