Effective Communication

Communicating effectively means something very specific to us: be clear about the objective to achieve and to implement the relational process and the most suitable methods to achieve it!

Communication is the base of all soft skills. We deal with the topic of communication and individual development of relational skills in a complete and detailed way. We design a corporate communication program suitable for covering every specific need.

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How to communicate clearly and effectively?

Communication is a faculty, a necessity, a tool, a weapon, a gift, a power.

How to improve your selling and customer approach techniques?

The ability to combine emotions with methodologies and techniques is part of the professionalism of the seller. That allows you to establish a relationship of trust with the customer, lasting over time. A sale is a refined form of communication!

How to become a good negotiator?

A good negotiator is a person who manages to transform a phase of disagreement into a positive one for both parties. A good negotiator is certainly also an expert in communication methods!

How to speak in public with ease?

Knowing how to communicate in public is now an indispensable skill to create value and give greater visibility to what we do.

How to present your ideas convincingly?

Knowing how to generate emotions in those who are listening to us, facilitate engagement. Capture the attention, to encourage the transmission of our ideas is a very fine form of communication that is increasingly in demand, especially in important roles.

How to use emotional intelligence to grow as a person and as a professional?

Emotional skills are increasingly in demand, especially at a time when the digital transformation is changing the traditional company’s roles.

Our corporate communication programs are customized to the needs of our clients and range from different themes: here are the main ones.

Business Communication Programs
comunicazione aziendale corso

Knowing how to communicate clearly and effectively is a fundamental soft skill in every phase of our professional life. During our programs, we teach techniques and methodologies for assertive and synthetic communication, whatever the goal we need to achieve. Try to make our boss change his mind? Convince a colleague to work with us on an important project? Give negative feedback to a collaborator?

There is the right business communication method to increase the chances of achieving our goal, whatever it is!

Techniques of Consultative Sales Programs
vendita consultiva

Our programs are based on a model that focuses on customer loyalty, to build a relationship of trust in the medium to long term.

It needs analysis, listening, questions, ability to grasp the client’s latent motivations, empathy, overcoming doubts: at every stage of the sales process, there are the right things to do and mistakes to avoid, depending on the person you are dealing with. Business communication methods are fundamental at every stage.

Each of our training programs is designed according to the customer’s sales model, building the simulations and the roleplays most suitable for training specific sales skills.

Public Speaking Programs
corso di public speaking

Everything you need to perform in public perfectly!
You can recognize a good communicator when he or she has to show leadership in front of an audience to be involved and conquered. To present well, it is not enough to have nice slides in Powerpoint. It takes personal style, method, and training.

In our training programs, we will discuss: how to prepare a winning speech and realize the necessary supports, how to choose the best arguments according to the audience, how to be convincing and motivated, how to manage anxiety, how to effectively manage objections, how to manage limited time. Ultimately, how to achieve the goal by putting into practice the best possible communication!

Negotiation Training Programs

negoziazione corso

Negotiating is one of the most complex forms of communication. And one of the most frequent. In the company, we constantly negotiate with customers, suppliers, colleagues, bosses, collaborators.

Negotiating means exchanging resources. Get the best possible result by achieving your goals while respecting the positions of others. It is important to know how to use both rational intelligence and emotional intelligence, first in the preparation phase and then in the negotiation relationship management phase.

Our programs are designed on the specific needs of the participants, using the most appropriate languages and simulations concerning the negotiating context in which they operate (internal or external, commercial, purchase or sales, trade union, other).

Emotional Intelligence Training Programs
corso di intelligenza emotiva

We strongly believe in the potential of emotional intelligence and we believe that developing emotional skills, training them appropriately, helps everyone to be more effective in corporate or personal communication processes.

Our training programs are dedicated to managers or professionals, with strong customization of the activities depending on the history of the company.

We use innovative training and coaching methods, also offering the implementation of specific individual tests (such as Six Second tests to measure emotional skills) on which to base individual development plans.

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