HR Training

We build training programs related to the HR world, intending to transfer techniques, approaches, and methodologies useful to those who work in the HR function and want to develop specific specialist skills for the development and management of human resources.

The programs are run by AdActa Consulting partners or consultants who have gained important experience in the HR management of large companies and are therefore able to transfer not only the best methodologies to be used in the HR field but also their knowledge made of direct and operational knowledge of the business.

Training Programs for Trainers
formazione formatori

Techniques and methodologies for those who must work in the field of training. From the analysis of the needs of its internal customers up to the planning and delivery of the training intervention.

  • How does the adult learning model work? Adults don’t learn by listening, they learn by doing. In our HR training programs, we transfer the methodologies to make the training interventions as interactive and experiential as possible.
  • How do you design a training program? Starting from the answers to some simple questions. And remember that those attending the course are the teacher’s first client. Informality and involvement are fundamental. Do not hope that well-packaged slide sets are sufficient!
  • How do you manage a classroom? Creating interest and encouraging participation and involvement. In our training programs, you will learn to govern the emotional state, to tune in with the participants, to overcome objections, to ensure the success of your classroom activities.
Selection Techniques
tecniche di selezione del personale

Our programs are aimed at satisfying every specific customer need. Then we approach the selection techniques both from methodologies and processes and from a relational point of view.

  • How is the training needs analyzed and the description of the position sought? A clear definition of the purpose of selection is a fundamental point. There are methodologies to follow to build the ideal profile.
  • How do you plan a selection campaign? It depends on the type of position required, on the number of positions to be covered, on the time available for research. It is a real project management work that has its tools and methodologies.
  • How do you conduct a selection interview? There are various techniques: from pure information interviews to more technical-professional interviews, from interviews aimed at investigating the motivational aspects up to the ‘stress interview’. In our HR training programs, we learn the methodologies to professionally manage each interview.

Current projects

The Feedback Interview
colloquio di feedback

The importance of feedback is central to any professional relationship and especially to human resource management. Knowing how to give and receive feedback is an important personal skill, both in structured and less formal situations. Human resources represent value for companies, called to deal with an increasingly dynamic and competitive market. This is why today, more than ever, human resources with their professionalism make the difference in achieving excellent results.

  • How to best manage an evaluation interview? Whether you are a leader or a collaborator, whether you are the evaluator or the appraiser, the periodic assessment interview, or performance appraisal, is always a moment of exchange to be exploited and used to the fullest.
  • How to avoid hurting the sense of self-esteem of others? Avoid turning feedback into generic criticism, be detailed and specific, propose suggestions for improvement and offer your support. In our HR training programs, we pay a lot of attention to the importance of listening and empathy.
  • How to positively accept negative feedback? One of the most difficult things to do is to know how to accept criticism. It is necessary to train ourselves to grasp the ideas for improvement and to reason from the perspective of “continuous improvement” also on ourselves!
HR Fundamentals
fondamentali hr

For those entering the world of human resource management, for those who are undertaking a career in this area, for those who manage resources and need to know HR techniques and methodologies at a general level.

  • What are the fundamental skills that need to be developed to work positively in personnel management? They are many and of different nature. Certainly, there are basic legal, regulatory and contractual aspects that need to be known, but for each aspect of the HR function, specific methodologies can be learned. During the selection, training, development, definition of compensation or replacement plans. This is what you will learn during our HR training programs.
  • How do you act as an HR business partner? It takes a great deal of interest in the specific aspects of business, industrial and commercial. An HR business partner must master the HR methodologies we have already mentioned and then train to develop soft skills such as listening, negotiation, problem-solving and lateral thinking. In our HR training programs, in addition to the methodological aspects, we also tackle and develop the entire area of soft skills needed in the HR world.

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