Managerial Methodologies

We design managerial training programs to develop, in an integrated way, the most useful method skills for those who have to manage resources and projects. From Complex Problem Solving to Time Management, from Project Management to Decision-Making techniques. Also in these cases, our management training programs start from a macro-design carried out on the specific context of the client company.

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How do our management training programs work?

We propose a list of the main issues on which we design our management training programs. The themes are combined and developed in modules of different duration and size depending on the level of the participants, the training needs and the objectives to be achieved.

Being a manager is a very complex task. More and more decisions to make and less time to do it. This is why management training is essential to develop the necessary skills and refine our style.

Complex Problem Solving Training Programs
problem solving corso

Everyone would always like to use the time available. But how is it done? To give an answer we design concrete and effective training programs, which allow the participants to acquire managerial methodologies to efficiently manage their own time and that of their collaborators.

During our training we teach methods for identifying priorities and ‘eating time’: things to do immediately and things to never do. We carry out simulations to train participants to use the tools of delegation and control in the best possible way.

To defend our time, a negotiating approach in dealing with colleagues is also extremely useful, given that sometimes there are things that become very urgent for us because they are important to others. And it is essential to learn from time to time to say some “motivated”. In our management training, we also provide tools to manage these situations with assertiveness and positivity.

Time Management Training Programs
time management

We design training programs that provide participants with the basic logic, methodologies, and terminologies for a structured approach to Project Management concepts.

What is a WBS? How to Build a Project Plan? What is Stakeholder analysis for? What should a Risk Analysis provide?

In addition to answering questions of this type during the programs, we deal with targeted training in all the soft skills needed to lead a project group or to better interpret their role in a team: time management and meeting management, the capacity for efficient communication and the management of conflict dynamics, personal leadership and the ability to strategic vision.

Decision Making Training Programs
decision making

Every day we take lots of decisions, much more than we think. And with the decisions we make, or we don’t take (even stalling before tackling a problem is a decision) we somehow orient the future. Our and those of those involved in the scope of our decisions.

In our management training programs, we experiment with useful methodologies to increase the effectiveness in decision making, to efficiently analyze the information available, to objectively evaluate the different options before making the final choice.

We approach the topic engagingly and creatively, with exercises and simulations that make the participants of our programs reflect on how to use rational intelligence but also emotional intelligence well. Very often the best decisions are those that arise from the joint work of both our “intelligence”.

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