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The management area, that of co-workers leading, is perhaps the topic that we at AdActa Consulting have developed more and for which the Company is better known and appreciated. Our people-management training programs, that we design and customize based on the needs of our clients, are the most popular.

We have the ambition to be recognized as specialists in guiding and supporting managers and entrepreneurs in the difficult task of achieving increasingly ambitious goals, by coordinating and motivating increasingly scarce resources.

Current projects

Who are our People Management training programs designed for?

In our people management programs, we deal with all the managerial topics, from the classic program for first appointment managers to the in-depth study for top managers who have to manage changes in culture and focus.

From the training for former technicians who have become administrators and cannot commit to moments for updating, to classes for managers with years of experience but perceive the ineffectiveness of their managerial style in a rapidly changing context.

The importance of trainers in a People Management program

Regarding people management programs we have a belief: it is not possible to inspire and convince, if the participant does not perceive, through the use of examples and personal stories, that the trainer has direct experience of managing his collaborators. In other words, the AdActa Consulting trainers who deliver managerial courses aimed precisely at managers and entrepreneurs, have all experienced a previous corporate and organizational experience in resource management roles.

Especially in people management programs, training interventions must be highly customized and adapted to the company context and objectives.

Some examples of the most popular format, however, can help you find your way:

Basic tools for people management
people management corso

An evergreen, widely used for first appointment managers or for a first intervention on management in a company context, in which the company never invested in management training: two days of a basic module on a managerial role, leadership, motivation, delegation, and feedback. Seasoned with numerous role-plays and a follow-up day for the resumption of the themes and the evaluation of the difficulties/solutions.

Low performers and critical cases management
gestione dei collaboratori critici

A best-seller that tackles the “difficult” part of management and offers managers and businesspeople methods and tools for performance management even in the most difficult cases. From evaluation to the definition of quantitative parameters, from the preparation of an improvement plan to the management of negative feedback: two days with an important number of role-playing with increasing difficulty with the possibility to add a legal and disciplinary part.

Millennial management, without forgetting the z generation
gestione dei millennials

A one-day training born from the constant and increasingly frequent requests arrived from managers and entrepreneurs during the courses of People Management: how to understand, engage and motivate a generation that often we struggle to manage.

Advanced People Management Program (3 days)
people management

A three days program distributed over a month and a half, designed to take stock of one’s managerial skills. It is suitable for those situations in which a company is facing a strong change, even in managerial culture. We act on managers with years of experience to facilitate the change in the management style of their associates and the introduction of management methods and tools more appropriate to the new cultural context. A very effective module as a support for cultural change based on the idea that the main facilitator of change is … the style of those who manage you.

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