Talent development

We build training and professional development programs dedicated to potential resources and supporting client companies in designing the best solutions for investing in talent. Through the design and customization of managerial development programs, we ensure that key talents and resources in the company can bring great added value to the organization.

Current projects

Who are our management development programs designed for?

We design “induction” programs for new graduates and professionals. Programs to strengthen soft skills for growing resources, managerial skills development programs and training for young managers at the first management experiences.

How are our management development programs structured?

Talent training programs may include classroom lectures and individual coaching, project work and specific training on managerial skills and technical-professional topics. We believe it is very important to encourage the transfer of skills to the company, therefore we also propose interventions based on internal mentorship and on “reverse mentoring”.

In any case, our training programs are always designed on the specific needs of the client, with a careful preliminary design phase that aims to make the training concrete and effective. We are at the side of companies to also implement verification and measurement tools for managerial or soft skills developed during training courses.

We also propose moments of preliminary assessment to realize the mapping of the potential of the resources on which to invest in training, so as not to disperse the efficacy of the training paths and fill the individual gaps concerning the managerial roles that will have to be filled in the future.

Classical Management Development Training Program
sviluppo manageriale corso

The moment of transition to a managerial role of responsibility always presents problems. It is very useful to accompany this phase of professional life with a training course that facilitates the acquisition of all the necessary managerial and non-managerial skills. Through a management development course of two or more days, we build comprehensive and comprehensive training interventions to be able to best interpret managerial responsibilities by learning techniques and methodologies to improve the effectiveness of daily action and efficiently achieve personal goals.

Soft skills development Training Program
sviluppo delle soft skills

More and more in recent years, we hear about soft skills or transversal skills. Training this kind of skill is important for the entire company community and becomes essential for future or young managers. Only through the development of emotional skills, communication, relationship, conflict management, etc. you can manage a work team and get great results. A course of two or more days, even non-consecutive, to touch the main soft skills necessary in the managerial role.

Creative Problem Solving Training Program
problem solving corso

When we become managers, our decision-making power increases and we are increasingly called to solve problems and make more complex decisions. This is why we have built a one or two-day program for the growth of talents in the company. The program aims at developing creativity and lateral thinking that are essential in finding simple solutions for complex problems.

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