Professional Growth

Professional Growth

Choose a training activity that will allow you to grow and grow the people in your company.

The professional growth of people in the company is a subject very dear to us. For years, we have dedicated ourselves to designing and delivering training activities that aim to help people strengthen their skills. We think that personal growth paths cannot be lacking to achieve brilliant professional growth.

In recent years we have focused more on two projects: The Best of You and AdActa Millennial Experience. The first project mixes training and coaching activities and is aimed at company populations with different seniorities. The second project has implications related to the HR development area and is dedicated to a specific generation: the Millennials.

Both projects underline the importance of adequate professional growth for each phase of corporate life

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The Best of You

The Best of You is a program of managerial development and professional growth that aims to enable people to become the best version of themselves as managers, professionals, individuals.

It is a path on which to find, according to the stages of professional growth, useful and innovative tools to evolve starting from one’s intrinsic motivation, from one’s innate preferences, from areas of excellence and strengths. Unlike in the traditional approach that looks at only the gaps to be filled.

Through an alternation of training and coaching, we work on populations belonging to 4 different phases of the company life cycle: Beginner, Junior, Middle, and Senior. Different programs are provided for each stage, suited to the professional moment that people are experiencing. Each program aims at professional growth through the improvement of one’s skills and is at the same time a path of personal growth. The Best of You is a first step to evolve, maintaining his individuality

AdActa Millennial Experience

The Millennial population (young people born between the early 1980s and the end of the 1990s) represents an increasingly large part of the collaborators of Italian companies. The approach that this generation has at work and life, in general, is different from that of other generations.

All large or medium-sized companies need to analyze this population thoroughly, assess and develop its potential and skills, work in an innovative way of retention, especially on the High Potentials.

How to take the first step together?

  • Identifying a lean set of key competencies suitable for evaluating the Millennial population and their possible professional growth;
  • Building a new usable and functional evaluation system to identify key people with development potential;
  • Identifying and planning a series of initiatives able to involve and engage this segment of the company population.
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