Team Building

Team building

To work well, a team needs to better integrate the different characteristics of each member to create value. It is important that all members feel like an essential element of the same team, sharing goals, choices, and results.

As a training and development company, we have a very precise idea of team building: they are opportunities for growth and development both of the team as a collective and of the participants as professionals. Through indoor team building games, we offer courses that are playful and experiential but also have a strong educational ingredient.

The purpose of these programs is to learn to work together by experimenting, through indoor team building games, methods, and tools to be brought back into daily work as a form of enrichment and an incentive to growth … All in a fun and aggregational way.

Our team building programs have an ample part of the initial briefing and a final debriefing. All with formative activities and moments of sharing and deepening of the experience made through the indoor team building games.

We have built a large number of formats with different goals and degrees of learning but they all share a strong educational impact.

In addition to the formats, we have partnerships with selected suppliers that allow us to build outdoor team building games with a more marked sporting orientation such as Sailing experience, Drive & Management, Rafting, etc.

Team Building

The Village

corso the village

The participants are divided into work teams, and have the task of developing competing projects with each other, to create a Tourist Village. The phases of the work follow the logic of a truly commercial and marketing plan, including the construction of the 3D model. A team-building designed for one / two days with a focus on stimulating creativity and innovation with a final evaluation by a commission of investors.

The Oscar Night

la notte degli oscar

Film crews competing to win the coveted statuette. We work on leadership, on creative thinking, on communication skills, creating highly committed team-building projects.

Carton Boat

carton boat corso in azienda

The task of the groups is to build a boat that will float, but that will be subjected to a set of predefined evaluation parameters. The focus of this activity, in addition to the optimal allocation of time based on the goals that the group has set itself, is on finding and sharing scarce resources and managing in and extra group dynamics.

Lego Serious Play ®

lego serious play

Creativity and involvement. Throughout the construction of three-dimensional models made with the famous “bricks”, teams, strategies, values and relationships are faced in a class of variable duration. Our consultants obtained specific international certifications for using the “Lego Serious Play®” method.

Simulation Game

simulation game

With the methodologies of classic table-top role-playing games, we offer high-involvement classes where the simulation phases alternate with moments of de-briefing on the relational dynamics between the participants. A perfect team building for groups of 7/8 people.

Coaching Theatre

An on-stage day for a class that uses the metaphor of the stage and acting as a powerful tool to act on energy, engagement, assertiveness, and proactivity, on mutual trust and the sense of team that is built by working together in a highly emotional context. The second day of Team Coaching aims to the development of out-how and enhancement for personal/professional growth.

Dynamo Camp

dynamo camp corso

Thanks to many years of collaboration with Dynamo Academy, we organize high-impact Team Building in a splendid context. We take advantage of the skills and experiential formats (Team Challenge, Juggling, Climbing, etc.) that Dynamo uses for recreational therapy. A Team Building with a high Charity and Social Responsibility effect.

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