Web Training: Virtual ClassRoom e Webinar

Web Training

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Web Training: Virtual ClassRoom e Webinar

Thanks to efficient sharing platforms we are able to transfer, with the appropriate reconversions, our traditional training offer in virtual contexts, ensuring the achievement of the training objectives and the satisfaction of our customers.

We believe in the human and educational value linked to the relationship that is established between the teacher and the participants and in the value of the comparison between the participants themselves. For this reason, we have decided to lead our remote training proposal on synchronous methods, which allow us to guarantee maximum respect for the specific needs of our customers. In particular:

web training

Virtual Class Room

In our Virtual Classroom, attention is paid to facilitating the exchange, interaction, and comparison between the participants.

We bring some of the most important advantages of face-to-face training in the Virtual Classroom, obtaining maximum involvement of the participants and stimulating their ability to get involved. Participants have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and new perspectives, experimenting firsthand, receiving personalized feedback and ideas for building an individual improvement plan that goes beyond the classroom.

How are they carried out and for what purpose can they be used?

The virtual classes have a duration of 2/3 hours and are organized by videoconference. They offer a complete learning experience, which includes demonstrations and practical exercises, in plenary and in subgroups. Virtual ClassRooms deals with the same contents as traditional classrooms. They are a valid tool for in-depth training activities, updating, and strengthening of specific knowledge and skills.

You can participate in a Virtual Classroom by downloading the app on your PC through the link indicated in the meeting invitation.

The Virtual Classroom is recommended for groups of up to 15 people.


In the webinar mode, we place particular emphasis on information and therefore on the definition and precise transmission of content, while maintaining high interaction between participants and speaker and between the participants themselves, through chat and voice, preferring the most suitable channel for the particular event.

Compared to the Virtual Classroom, the Webinar is designed to bring together more people at the same time, thus facilitating the possibility of a wider and more diversified sharing and comparison of opinions and experiences.
The duration of a Webinar is 1-2 hours, also variable according to the interventions and requests of the participants
Participation in the webinar takes place through the link in the meeting invitation, being able to access it directly from PC via browser, from tablet or smartphone (no software is required).

The Webinar is recommended for large groups, above 15/20 people.

web training

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